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Being good stewards requires us to decide what we will do with all that God has entrusted to us.
We are encouraged to give of time, skills and money to support the work of the church and that of other charities that build God's kingdom.
Thank you to all those who support the work of the Church through offerings given to St Meddans Parish Church. It is important that you should know what happens to this money and detailed below you will find a breakdown of the areas your money supports.

For every £10 given ,£4.20 is kept by the local church, £4.88 pays for our ministries and 92 pence supports the mission of the Church and supports congregations with services such as social care. Gift Aid.

Under the Inland Revenue's Gift Aid scheme, St Meddan's is entitled to reclaim the basic rate of tax on gifts by UK taxpayers. This means that, if you are a UK taxpayer, your gift will increase at no extra cost to you.


100600 - Troon St Meddans
Total Contribution to Ministries and Mission for 2019

Ministries (83.5%)

£77,773 of your total contribution will go towards the costs of providing over 750 ministers and other parish workers in communities throughout Scotland and further afield. This contribution also assists with the costs of recruitment and training. The 2018 cost of a parish minister at the top of the stipend scale is £42,362 (stipend plus employer’s national insurance and pension contributions). If your contribution to Ministries is above this figure, then your church is meeting the full cost of your ministry and supporting other congregations. If it is less than £42,362, your congregation (or linked charge) is being supported by other congregations.
Mission (16.5%)
£15,368 of your total contribution will be used to support the Church’s work in: resourcing congregations for Christian education and outreach; providing social care services in Christ’s name to further the caring work of the Church to people in need; accompanying partners around the world on our shared Christian journey; contributing the Church’s opinion in public debate and on issues affecting Scotland and the World; providing central day-to-day service work in administrative, financial and legal matters; and in planning the General Assembly and ensuring the Moderator represents the Church.

Gifts in Wills are an important part of Christian giving, and leaving a gift to your church is a way to thank God for all the blessings you have received in your lifetime.

Lifetime gifts to the church are exempt from Inheritance Tax (IHT). Gifts to the church that you leave in your will are exempt from IHT and will reduce the size of your taxable estate – possibly bringing it below the IHT threshold. Since April 2012, if you leave at least 10% of your net estate (after exemptions, such as the nil-rate band which is currently £325,000 for an individual) to charity, any IHT on the remainder will be charged at 36% rather than 40%. This delivers great benefit to the charity whilst potentially only reducing what is paid to your beneficiaries by a small proportion overall. However, independent advice should be sought where necessary.


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Scottish Charity Number SC015019

St Meddan's Church Office

Church Street


KA10 6HT

Tel: 01292 317750
for office and hall rent enquiries

Secretary:Ann Carrol

Locum Minister: Andrew McGurk

Tel: 01292 676008
for pastoral and urgent matters

Interim Moderator: James Hogg